It can be a nightmare to get your perfect trailer exactly how you want it. That’s where we come in.

We have built custom trailers to the owners exact and unique requirements.


When your home is mobile and you want to take everything with you, a special kind of trailer is required. This transporter carries a car, motorbike and more. Due to the special requirements a detailed plan is put in place after extensive consultation with the owner to ensure everything is included right from the start.

The owner of this dog trailer wanted a sturdy trailer that could handle the shingle road driving often undertaken but it had to be multi-purpose. An extended draw bar and electric brakes were a must have for the owner.

The dog box can be lifted off in minutes leaving a versatile trailer for everyday use. Once again, in minutes the box can be put back on the trailer. Storage under the dog box is accessed via the tailgate or front gate of the trailer.

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